Friday, March 11, 2011

Gundam 00 Girls

I got these from Hobby Link Japan discount sale, right now their in trouble due to the earthquake in Japan about 8.9 richter scale + a tsunami, Good thing the stuff I order arrived in time before that happens.

Ok back to the topic, in the plastic pack it's a full 5 set. All of them have Gundam 00 season 1 design, first we have Louise Halevy, Feldt Grace, Christina Sierra, Wang Liu Mei and Sumeragi Lee Noriega. They even give a standing base with a claw that will hold them but the pillar is too tall, maybe I’II mod them another time.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Loot from CH

Hey all, got loot from CH, lets see what we got whats in side ?

MG Wing Gundam with decals

HG Super Zaku custom F2000

Got these for free, not interest in Dragon ball. Anyone interested?

I got them in the bargain Box. 50%

The unique Nagato Yuki =)

Price tag 50% half price of the original price

The pretty MOE Mikuru! X3

Going Gundam

During the afternoon after I pick up my 3rd Hobby link Japan order, I decided to go to GUAN HOCK LEE shop ( that sells remote control, Tamiya models, paints and extra R/C parts) to buy 6 paints and one spray. Then I saw a box of paint makers, in it is Gundam markers so I bought 3 of them. Then I ask the guy who own the shop if he going to order more, he said yes and also said if I need more Gundam paint or Mr.Hobby Top Coat just email him.

Looks like GHL will be going Gundam soon =)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unicorn V Gundam GPB RX-0 pt.1

I seen the anime Gunpla builders beginning G part A, B & C and I was excited to create my own GPB version of my Gunpla! So I decided use my broken saber Unicorn [Destroy mode] as my subject, I feel sorry to let the guy stand like that in-perfect without is left saber. Little history what happen to it because during when I make my 1st Blog comic it fell down and broke the left saber holder, but now I'm going to give this guy a make over!

Rename: Unicorn V Gundam [Destroy mode]
Color scheme: Tamiya/Gundam marker Black & Yellow
MOD: Added Fin Funnels ( if possible)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Game figure DEAD SPACE

HEY WHATS UP!? Been while since my last blog post, well here to update with this. It's a Game figure I bought at Serusup toy shop called VV KIMAS ENTERPRISE sounds weird though located near the HSBC Bank ATM machine, inside the shop they sell old, cheap copy, collector figures, cars, transformers, ben 10, remote control, PVC anime figures ( can remove her cloths ) & etc. OH! And Gundam Yes Gundam very expensive over B$100, MG(master grade) and non-scale 1/100 Original with BANDAI seal they also sell fake TT Hong Li Gundams most are HG( high grade) 1/144 scale & FG ( first grade ).

I think I would check out the other stuff, Man! It’s an antique in there then suddenlly I found a familiar figure. It’s was a dead space figure I saw it back at Quilap Mall in the game store last March I wanted to buy it then it dissappered thougt some one bought it, now I got it. Don’t know why it’s there for my theory the shop owers at Quilap games store sell it or the VV Kimas bought it then sell it.

Lets get to the point, it’s a game figure from the Game: DEAD SPACE /character: Issac Clarke / Weapon or Accessory: Plasma Cutter ( tool weapon )/ Other features: LED lights (needs batteries) / Articulation: more then 20 I think...

Picture rear view of Issac Clarke from the Game Dead Space

Loot ! Lets take a look what inside..

Game figure on the left and toy bugs on the right

Close up at the head & details of the figure

Behind the Package

Outside it's pack

little blur when I fell behind ^^;

Head shot with the lights on

Back shot of his RIG with the lights on too

Too Bright!!

Posing with the lights on

Issac with his Plasma gun

Front shot

Another one

Front shot with the lights off and Issac lights on, WHOA~

Back shot same as well

Struggle shot or Panic shot

Issac Clarke face shown on Dead Space 2

CG pic I got from Google image, Issac surrounded by Necromorph ( details below)
I would say OH SNAP!!!! If I were him XD

STORY: A group of enginners got a distress signal from the USG Ishimura a mining vessal or ship so they investigate it, on board one of the crew is Issac Clarke ( the main character you play) his an enginner not a marine or a soldier and doesn’t have combat expiriance too. Once enter the ship all Hell break loose two of your crew mates were killed by mutated dead people aliens called Necromorph the rest are seperated from Issac. Issac menage to escape the Necromorph's and grab the Plasma tool cutter as a weapon, the beggining of survival is to find out what happen to the crew of the USG Ishimura, find the rest of the crew mates and escape from the nightmare!

REVIEW: When I open the pakage is smell like oil pant I cof a bit because I take a breath of the smell, it’s hard to open it so I use scissors to cut out the frame of the pakage. Then I try bending the right leg and it’s very tight to move it, putting the weapon is easy but loose if you shake it too much. Posing is alright if you balance him but a single poke or movement on the table where the figure standing can make him fell down But the LED lights are the best part, the switch is on the back by pressing the button behind the neck and they light up behind the RIG ( the back of the figure thats shows is the life gauge) and the helmet can also light up too. Tried out in the dark to test out the lights only the back light is very bright while the head only does little.

PRO’S (good side): Got good LED lights, craftmanship is very good & both legs can twist 360 degrees with free style posing .

CON’S (bad side): Articulation is very hard to move around, easly lost balance if distrub or posing with his legs very wide, only has one Accessory could have put more, the right arm his limited posing due to armor design & cannot remove the helment what he looks like.